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Central BioHub GmbH

Find nasopharyngeal (NP), oropharyngeal (OP), vaginal and rectal swabs on www.centralbiohub.com. Swabs are taken from patients with various diseases and infections and are tested for viral and bacterial pathogens. Additionally, we offer a large number of COVID-19 swabs. They come in various different transport media such as VTM, Saline, eSwab and Aptima. For convenient validation of COVID-19 assays, Central BioHub has also designed panels containing positive and negative specimens. For pathogen detection, samples are taken from the site of infection with a sterile swab. The Swab is then stored in a transport medium which prevents the sample from drying out and protects against microbial growth. If the pathogen is to be detected by a molecular detection method (PCR), only dry swabs or swabs with specific transport fluid may be used.

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