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CHO cells
stable cell line

Stable CHO cell lines

InVivo BioTech Services GmbH

Through intensive research and process development, InVivo optimized the well-established CHO-IS cell line and adapted it to a high-performance chemically-defined, animal component-free medium. Moreover, novel expression vectors were designed which are compatible to the PiggyBac system, a well-established tool for transposon-mediated active gene transfer. Using these new vectors, high protein yields and a substantially reduced timeline from transfection to stable CHO cell pools could be achieved. The combined action of highly optimized processes for the efficient selection of best producing cell pools or high-producing monoclonals, helps achieve high-cell-density fermentation processes in standard bioreactors. This enables cost-optimal production of large quantities of target proteins.

Vorteile des Produkts

  • short timeline through effective screening
  • very cost-efficient for bulk production


Development of stable CHO cell lines

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