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Recombinant Proteins from Mammalian Expression Systems

InVivo BioTech Services GmbH

Transient Gene Expression (TGE) is a commonly used method for the production of recombinant antibodies and proteins in mammalian cells within a short time. However, optimal results can only be achieved, if all components of the TGE system are carefully matched and optimized. Within a few years of research and development, InVivo established an optimized system for the production of mammalian-derived proteins via transient gene expression in HEK cells. This system is called InVEST and it combines an optimized host cell line with sophisticated vector design as well as effective large-scale plasmid preparation and customized cell culture media.

Vorteile des Produkts

  • more than 700 successfully completed projects
  • novel polycationic transfection reagent
  • cDNA synthesis is included


Transient Gene Expression

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