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cDNA synthesis
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Recombinant Antibodies

InVivo BioTech Services GmbH

At InVivo, your recombinant antibody production is in reliable hands. Recombinant antibodies for target screening, antigen production or drug discovery can be produced either by transient expression or from your own stable cell line in small to large scales. Transient expression is performed using our in house system InVEST. InVEST guarantees an approximately 80 fold increase in yield compared to commercially available systems, at reduced costs. Within the last 20 years, our experts have acquired significant expertise by producing all kinds of antibodies from humans, rat or mouse.

Vorteile des Produkts

  • no hybridoma cell line required – start from your amino acid sequence
  • cDNA synthesis is included in the service
  • fast, reliable and cost-efficient


RecAB Production in HEK cells

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