Three test tubes with blood plasma
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Plasma Samples

Central BioHub GmbH

Central BioHub provides all common types of plasma such as ACD, Citrate, CPD, CPDA, K2/3 EDTA, Na EDTA, Heparin, NaHep, LiHep, K Oxalate and NaF Plasma. To meet your research and development needs use further filtering and customize your search for example by laboratory parameters, disease in clear name or ICD-10 code, donor specification, volume and price. Blood plasma is the cell-free portion of blood obtained by centrifuging an unclotted blood sample. It is a clear, yellowish liquid and consists of 91 % water. The rest is made up of nutrients, hormones, minerals and various proteins which are responsible for blood clotting or for the defence against infections.

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