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MonA-Services: antibody production

ASKA Biotech GmbH

With every new clone we perform a test production. Within our monA-T service we guarantee 10 mg purified antibody for € 800. You receive your antibody within 6-8 weeks for your internal tests. Following this, we send you a reliable quote for further productions. You have the option to dedicate the development and production of your antibody to our well-trained team with many years of experience. Or you have your own protocol and specific needs for purification strategy, buffer, concentration,… In both cases, we are your partner. ASKA Biotech is your partner for development & production of monoclonal antibodies for in-vitro diagnostic, research and preclinical trials.

Vorteile des Produkts

  • Serum-free produced batches in sizes from 1 mg up to several gram
  • Each batch is provided in constant high-quality according to your specific needs
  • We meet your specifications like high purity, aggregate-& endotoxin-free


ASKA's monA-Services

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