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Franziska Werner engine the biomarker company Ansprechpartner

Franziska Werner

Head of Research & Development +49 3302 55199-700 E-MAIL SENDEN
Dr. Ute Nonhoff engine the biomarker company Ansprechpartner

Dr. Ute Nonhoff

Project Manager Protein Arrays +49 3302 55199700 E-MAIL SENDEN





engine Biomarker Screening Service

engine - the biomarker company

We support you in the discovery of new biomarkers with our Protein Array Screening Service. We handle your data strictly confidential and treat your samples as you would! Joint decisions and expert support from our experienced in-house specialists are a matter of course. Expert support for expert results! engine is pioneer in the protein-array technology. The heart of our service was developed in 15 years intensive research, published in more than 100 studies by now. Our in-house specialists are looking forward to helping you discovering new biomarkers. Get faster to grant! We help with the application! Fast results and the increased probability of innovative insights facilitate your grant approval.

Vorteile des Produkts

  • Full data access for you only!
  • Support with sample material
  • Convince yourself in advance


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