Your novel biomarker - We screen your sample for interactions with more than 10,000 antigens.
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Discover Novel Biomarkers

engine - the biomarker company

Are you passionate to discover new biomarkers for advancing diagnostics or predicting therapy success? Until now, you usually had to use different and complex methods depending on the sample and the antigens to be tested. Those times are over! With our Protein Array Screening Service we help you to explore similarities or differences between groups of patients, diseased or healthy individuals. Give us your hypothesis and sample. We analyze interactions with >10,000 antigens with less than 50µl sample volume in any matrix. You identify antigens and proceed with biomarker validation. The unbiased, hypothesis-free analysis has a high discovery power to detect novel biomarkers and allows an objective analysis of causal disease-correlations. Compare biospecimens to identify disease-related associations or investigate if protein-modifications are linked to a disease or are causative. With ready-to-use results you can go on promptly with your biomarker validation.

Vorteile des Produkts

  • Increase your chance for decisive discoveries
  • Shorten your time to result
  • Protein Array with > 10,000 antigens


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