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Anti-Phospholipid 10 Dot


The immunoassay Anti-Phospholipid 10 Dot offers for the first time the possibility to profile APS antibodies detecting in serum, along with the criteria antigens cardiolipin and β2‑glycoprotein I, also other non-criteria 6 phospholipids and 1 additional serum protein. In contrast to commercially available ELISA, the Anti-Phospholipid 10 Dot due to its optimal orientation of the antigens allow the correct binding of patient plasma protein cofactors, e.g. β 2 glycoprotein-I (β2 GP-I), leading to exposure of the specific epitope for the APS related antibodies. The large number of antigens and the optimal exposure of the epitope contribute to a high specificity in diagnosis of APS, better subtyping and easier differential diagnosis of APS patients. The test gives reliable results in serum in less than 2h and can be run easily manually or completely automated using a DotDiver2.0.

Vorteile des Produkts

  • APS antibodies detection along with cardiolipin and β2 glycoprotein
  • Large number of antigens & optimal exposure of the epitope
  • Easily performed manually or completely automated using a DotDiver2.0



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The DotDiver2.0 is a fully automated processor of Line and Dot immunoassays.