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The DotDiver2.0 is a fully automated processor of Line and Dot immunoassays. The small footprint renders the device as an ideal solution for laboratories with limited space. With an unique software design, the device provides a completely hands-free experience for quantitative and semi-quantitative testing via repeated diving of the antigen coated strips into the ready to use cartridges. This special setup provides an optimal reaction environment with reduced assay processing and result analysis time for up to 24 different tests simultaneously. A wide range of immunoassays available for the DotDiver2.0 opens the world of diagnosis of autoimmune diseases, especially systemic inflammatory rheumatic diseases, autoimmune gastroenterology, neuropathies, anti-phospholipid syndrome, vasculitis, nephritis, myositis, scleroderma and autoimmune hepatitis. DotDiver 2.0 helps to simplify modern diagnostics in both time and cost effective manners for optimal processing.

Advantages of the product

  • Fully automated processor of Line and Dot immunoassays
  • Coated strips & ready to use reagent cartridges
  • Processing and analysis for up to 24 different tests simultaneously

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