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Platform technology



The AKLIDES® technology was the first automated system for IFA standardization in routine laboratories for autoimmunity. Today AKLIDES® is also applicable in the field of cell damage and microbiology. Main features are: Analysis Analysis of fluorescence patterns and quantification of fluorescence intensities is provided by AKLIDES®. The system offers a standardized positive-negative decision and pattern recognition in less than 30 seconds per well. Assays for ANA, ANCA, nDNA, tissues and CytoBead® are available with fully automated analysis. Titer Detection Due to the AKLIDES® titer detection algorithm titration of patient samples for the cell-based assays is no longer needed. The AKLIDES® Doctor software allows access to the AKLIDES® analysis data from every work space. Export Options AKLIDES® can generate an overall report of all relevant quantitative results in pdf- and csv-format and/or a single well report in pdf-format (including cell images). LIMS Connection integrated

Advantages of the product

  • Fully automated IFA pattern recognition in less than 30 seconds per well
  • Titer Detection
  • LIMS Connection integrated

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